Friday, February 2, 2018

Rampant Capitalism

I am going to try out a capitalistic caper.  It's just an experiment, so play along if you feel froggy.

My latest paperback book, 'Roaming Outward' is selling on Amazon.

Amazingly, some ambitious online book sellers (see image below) are charging over $20 for my sacred tome.  But you deserve better.  The first ten people responding with United States mailing addresses can get a signed copy of my book with free shipping for the paltry sum of $7.99.

You respond by submitting a 'Friends and Family' payment in PayPal...

1. Login to PayPal
2. Select 'Send and Request'
3. Select 'Send to Friends and Family in the US'
4. Enter my email ''
5. Enter $7.99 as the amount.
6. In the 'Add a Note' section, enter your name and postal address.

After you are done with my written wisdom, I encourage you to donate the book to a shelter, prison, or local library.  If you choose to burn it, stab it, or perform some other ritualistic mayhem, send me a photo.

~Mick, S.D.G.