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We May Learn: some decent poems



Do you need a second chance? Do you crave the courage to break out of your rut, even if it's a comfortable rut, and soak up something more from life?
This was author Mickey Kulp's problem. Even with a wonderful family and a stable career, something was missing. And the more he gnawed on his persistent dissatisfaction, the more he was sure that the press of daily life had wrung from something vital from him. How would he get it back?

Kulp says: "This collection of poems turned into a life raft. Some days, writing was the only reason I had to get out of bed."

'We May Learn: some decent poems', is available for your reading pleasure and personal rescue. This is a book about second chances blossoming into something unexpected. It is unafraid to go down dark alleys, but it is also ready to embrace the unalloyed contentment of dancing in the sunshine.

"I enjoyed these poems very much. Mick deals with serious topics (death, what the heck is a muse, the miracle of memory), but he brings joy and humor to them that opens those serious topics up for me, gets me thinking." 
~John Guzlowski, author of 'Echoes of Tattered Tongues'


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