Thursday, December 6, 2018

Ramone’s Silver Rocket: How you can help

You can help in two easy ways.  Pick one or both, they’ll just take a click or two.

To make the best decision, follow this handy chart Ramone and I developed using
complex data parameters:

Go here for all the info:


~Mick, S.D.G.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Let Them Go

I am gratified to report that the Society of Classical Poets has published my first villanelle titled 'Let Them Go.'

You may read it here:

The Society of Classical Poets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2012 as a group of poets dedicated to the revival and proliferation of good, new poetry.

They are not shy about their lofty goals.  Their mission is to "...preserve humankind’s artistic traditions; to reestablish poetry as one of the most widely appreciated forms of literature, communication, and entertainment; to increase appreciation of centuries of rhyming or metered poetry; to support poets who apply classical techniques in modern poetry through publication and performance opportunities and awards; and to aid in language arts education that imbues high moral fiber and good character."

Your Dose of Education

The Academy of American Poets says this about the villanelle: 
"During the Renaissance, the villanella and villancico (from the Italian villano, 
or peasant) were Italian and Spanish dance-songs. French poets who called their 
poems “villanelle” did not follow any specific schemes, rhymes, or refrains. Rather, 
the title implied that, like the Italian and Spanish dance-songs, their poems spoke 
of simple, often pastoral or rustic themes."

~Mick, S.D.G.

Image: The Pybus family, c.1769 (The National Gallery of Victoria)

Monday, December 3, 2018

Ramone's Silver Rocket: Pre-order FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions that might illuminate your understanding...

I pre-ordered; when can I get my book?
That is up to the publisher.  The words are written and ready to go.  If I get enough pre-orders, then publishers start sniffing around to see what all the fuss is about.  That's when I can give you a better timeline.

So it's not published yet?
Correct.  Publishizer is like a big billboard.  If I get enough interest for 500 pre-orders, they will pitch my project to traditional publishers.

What if you don't get 500 pre-orders?
Never fear!  Non-traditional publishers will still see it, and, based on your interest, they might want to play ball.

How much time do I have to pre-order?
The campaign lasts until Wednesday January 2 2019 at noon EST.  But you can share the link now.  Here it is:

I don't have any small kids, but your idea is awesome.  What can I do to help?
You can:
1. Pre-order anyway and donate your copies to a shelter, school, or library.
2. Share the link now.  Here it is:

I would like to pre-order several for my grandchildren do you have a bulk discount?
Yes we do.  As you add more of these limited edition copies, the price-per-copy goes down.  It works like this:

$20  = 1  copy
$36  = 2  copies
$48  = 3  copies
$150 = 10 copies

How do I get a signed copy?
For my vast horde of lovely Publishizer supporters, I will happily sign every one of your limited edition copies.

~Mick, S.D.G.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ramone’s Silver Rocket: Campaign Kickoff

If you have followed my shameless self-promotion in recent years, you know I am a writer with a steady publication history in the grownup literary world. My latest project, however, is a fun children’s picture book.

I have fiendishly hidden layers of educational value in this rollicking, rhymy adventure book.  See my campaign video for details. Mainly, it is fun, and it makes kids smarter.

My goal is to find 500 folks connected to a child who would like this book. Your only actions are to pre-order as many books as you can stand AND share with others.

Be my hero. Order and share. Love ya!

~Mick, S.D.G.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Circle Show Volume 18

Seth at Seven Circle Press let me know that the much anticipated Volume 18 of their Circle Show anthology is out.  It contains one of my favorite poems titled 'Emptiness.'

For a limited time, a PDF is available for free download.

Seven Circle Press is a "fiercely independent" small press, and you can help the cause by purchasing Volume 18 for a paltry sum HERE.

~Mick, S.D.G.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Holiday Open Mic


‘We May Learn’ by Mickey Kulp

Open Mic / Poetry Reading / Refresh Your Spirit

Saturday December 8, 2018 at 12:00pm

KSU Center, Room 300 3333 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Details HERE.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

'Prospector' Published

Denise Powell, Founding Editor at The Voices Project, contacted me today to confirm that my short poem 'Prospector' had been published.

Denise says:
"The Voices Project is a non-judgmental venue for women, and also men, to express their personal stories and observations through poetry to promote social change. We publish the work of writers in the United States and international community no matter what their age or background, who might not otherwise have opportunities to share their stories. The hope is to bring the voices of these individuals forward, providing a creative pathway leading to growth and empowerment, and in turn affecting everything within their lives. Although our main focus is on women's literature, we do publish (and celebrate!) the voices of men, as it's important we are all a part of the conversation and mission."

My poem is here:

~Mick, S.D.G.