Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rocketeer Gear

To celebrate the upcoming launch of my children's picture book Ramone's Silver Rocket, I opened a merchandise shop you might like.

Visit HERE for all the swag you could ever want.

But wait!  There's more!

To celebrate my grand opening, I am offering 15% off for the next 14 days.  You'll get your discount code in the Shop.  It can only be redeemed in the Rocketeer Gear Shop.

~Mick, S.D.G.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Creative Writing Workshop: July 2019

Some details may be subject to change, but save the date...


A local author published in numerous US and international venues reveals secrets he uses to launch his creativity into overdrive.


Open to ages 13 and above.  Attendees should bring a physical or electronic way to write.  Short writing exercises are part of the workshop.  Intended for fluent English speakers.

Date / Time

Date:July 17 2019

Date:July 24 2019

Date:July 20 2019

Date:July 27 2019


Lilburn Activity Building
788 Hillcrest Rd NW, Lilburn, GA 30047
(678) 277-0875

Instructor: Mickey Kulp

Mick is a writer and father who is not allowed to buy his own clothes.  His creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry have appeared in numerous consumer magazines, newspapers, literary journals, and three books of poetry.  He is a member of the Georgia Writers Registry, Gwinnett County Writers Guild, and founding member of the Snellville Writers Group.  In 2018, he created a quarterly reading series with a fundraiser for the local food co-op.


A limited number of discounted copies of “Mick’s 365 Writing Prompts” will be available for $10.  Regular price is $15.

The book is not required for the workshop.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Updated: Ramone Needs Artists

UPDATE: The contest closes on January 31 2019.  Good luck!

I am in the final stages of publishing a children's picture book called "Ramone's Silver Rocket."

I thought it would be fun to include drawings from children, and I'd like to have parents send me e-mail with their child's drawing. Here are some details:

1. Send hand-drawn pictures of Ramone flying in his rocket or exploring on the moon. He likes to look for colorful moonstones, so include those if you want. My image below is just for fun. Your picture can look very different.

2. Include the child's name and age (so I can credit them in the book if they are picked). I need a postal address as well so I can send a contributor copy if they are picked. Please provide a US postal address only.

3. For winning entries, I will (a) credit the child in the book and (b) send a free contributor copy of the book when it's finished.

4. Send contest entries via e-mail to

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Prompt Attention

I am working with a local county government to hold four creative writing workshops in July 2019. As part of that preparation, I developed a reference book of 365 writing prompts.

It is available in print HERE  and electronic HERE.

Use them as-is, or allow your mind to wander over the mental pictures they conjure; I bet you’ll be surprised where you end up! I have used these prompts for my own writing. Now I want to share them with others who need ideas to juice up their work.

~Mick, S.D.G

Monday, December 31, 2018

Ramone's Silver Rocket: Two Days Left

"T minus 2,"
Says the ground crew.
Ramone smiles wide;
He's ready to ride
     In his silver rocket.

With two days left on my campaign, we're ending with three publishers showing interest.  Maybe more will join, but three is a good start.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, and I hope we will have good news in 2019.  I am quivering with anticipation, so stay tuned for more excitement!

There is still time to pre-order and share my mission to launch Ramone.

More info here: 

~Mick, S.D.G.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Smashing Discount: Half Off!

One of my oddball science fiction stories found a home in the warm, moist folds of an anthology titled 'Bubble Off-Plumb' by Feral Cat Publishers.

They are offering a special half-off deal through Smashwords.  For a limited time (just a few days), you pay only $3.50 for your very own squirming copy.  Click HERE to buy.

More info:

What do stories about ephemeral Martian settlers, fascinating dimensional rifts, Spanish-speaking hummingbirds, Loki's children, WWII twins, hitchhiking swamp cats, a steam-punk octopus, Arkham card-games, using bad luck for fun and profit, demon home security systems, alternative criminal justice, workplace time travel, marketing to body-snatchers, alien attraction, and way too many barns all have in common? Simple: in one way or another they are all Bubble Off Plumb. 
This genre-busting collection is meant for readers who prefer an odd story with their tea and biscuits. So sit back and let these 26 tales delight, confuse, and surprise you! 

Featuring original stories by Marie Brennan, David Tallerman, E.E. King, Art Weil, Sarah M. Lewis, Pepper Hume, Karen Ovér, Liz Schriftsteller, Mariah Southworth, Mickey Kulp, Robert Millet, Valerie Manwill, Beth Winokur, Simone LW Mounsamy, Buzz Dixon, James Campbell, Frank Kozusko, Ellen Denton, Jill Hand, Veronica Brush, and Tim Jeffreys. Joining this stellar group are in-house authors KG Finfrock, Sarah Kalin, and Dan M. Kalin.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Takeoff and Coincidence

The Winter 2018 edition of Rat's Ass Review is FREE and available HERE.

Rick Bates, the fine editor and all-around decent parole officer (they say) picked two of my short poems for this issue.

Both 'Coincidence' and 'Takeoff' are based on true events. The unlikely series of events in 'Coincidence' left my brain prickling just a little.

See what you think.  I hope you enjoy them.

~Mick, S.D.G.

Frog Concerto by Mark Blickley