Friday, July 22, 2016

Three Lines, No Waiting

Prolific Press has included one of my haiku in anthology #38 of Three Line Poetry.  If you are a connoisseur of fine, delicate poetry, this is the book for you.

Three Line Poetry is the widest-read literary journal produced by the Prolific Press family of small presses.

Issue #38 features poetry by Zach Agnew, Tiffany Babb, Devon Balwit, Linda Crate, Nicholas D’Angelo, Natalie A. Drozda, Michael Flanagan, Susan Gentry, Ethan Heusser, Carla Jones, Lewis Kahler, Lianne Kamp, Hilde Kiernan, Joseph J Kozma, Mickey Kulp, Belinda Lozada, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Jennifer McGreevey, Kelly McNeal, Bill Melton, Safiyyah Motaib, DL Mullan, Rachel Pond, Rebecca Pyne, Emily Ramirez, Tammie Rice, Patricia Rossi, Cat Russell, M J P Ryan, David Anthony Sam, Susan Schmidlin, Mary R. P. Schutter, Cody Schweickert, Elizabeth O. Smith, Jennifer Smith, James W. Spain, Richard Thompson, Peggy Turnbull, Joe Wells, Sara Wenger, Tyson West, PJ Wren, and Michael Zone.

I am honored to be included in this bunch.  You can buy a copy (or ten) at the link below.

~ Mick, S.D.G.