Monday, June 6, 2016

Tadpole Update

As I mentioned earlier, the fine folks at Microfiction Monday Magazine chose my flash-fiction version of a poem called "Tadpole" for their 48th edition.

It was released today HERE.  Read it.  Go, now.  I'll wait.  Go!

Regarding the concept of microfiction, Gayle Towell, the wise and discerning editor at Microfiction Monday Magazine, says:

"With microfiction, think of impulse as the story. You can tell it in long form, averaging its impact, or tell it in short form with a big punch. If done right, microfiction can pack a big punch in a small space, allowing the busy reader the ability to absorb a fantastic story in under a minute. The creation of microfiction is also an excellent exercise as a writer, encouraging the elimination of superfluous text and challenging the writer to be efficient with word choice without sacrificing story."

~ Mick, S.D.G.

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