Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Greater Than

Here is another of my "retired" stories.  I liked it (and still do), but it missed the mark with some editors.

So I'm releasing it into the wild to live free...      [sniff, sniff]

~ Mick, S.D.G.

Greater Than
On Saturday night, we were relaxing around the fire pit, just me and the three Greeks.
Heraclitus adjusted his ratty baseball cap, took a massive chew of tobacco, and recounted his day playing softball against the Romans.
“It was a great game,” he said, sending a brown stream of spit hissing into the fire. “I really got into the zone, you know.”
We all nodded.
“It was like I was a little kid again.  Just awesome.”
Thales, as usual, arrived late.  He cracked a beer, loosened his tie, and flopped into a lawn chair.
“God, what a day,” he sighed, taking a long drink, pretty much killing the bottle.  “I had three clients almost deported before noon.”
We all nodded.
“They have nothing.  I wonder what keeps them going.”
Epicurus was manning the gas grill back on the patio.  He wore a blue tank top that said “I have Greece on my shirt.”  A tuft of black chest hair peeked above his neckline.
He flipped another burger onto a plate and said, “I popped another one off the bucket list.”  He took a huge bite out of the burger.  “It cost a bundle, but I took a hot air balloon ride.”
We all nodded.
“Life is good, boys.”
After they left, I let the fire die down to a bed of hypnotically pulsing coals.  It was warm and dark, and the beer and food worked their magic.  Soon I was dozing, and I had the craziest dream ever.
The three Greeks were standing around in bed sheets and making grand statements to a packed arena of observers who were taking notes.
Heraclitus rose and said, “Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.”
The crowd murmured and nodded.
Thales rose and said, “Hope is the only good that is common to all men; those who have nothing else possess hope still.”
The crowd murmured and nodded.
Epicurus rose and said, “Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”
The crowd murmured and nodded.
All three bowed, and the crowd applauded.
I woke up suddenly, smiling at the foolish notion that the world would stand enthralled by these three yahoos.
I pulled out my phone and started typing, “You guys’ll never believe the effed up dream I just had…”

Copyright © 2016 by Michael Kulp

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