Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ramone's Exploration Journal

Book 4 of the Rocket Team Series is out, baby! And it's a doozy.

In "Ramone's Exploration Journal: a day on Mars," we get a peek into an astronaut's daily journal exploring Mars.

Ramone is a student astronaut who roams the solar system as part of the international Rocket Team. He often travels with his robot pal, Pip.

Ramone keeps a daily journal to record his adventures at Gordo Station on Mars. Here, you will find the amazing details of a normal day in the life of a Rocket Team explorer. You’ll see special astronaut activities at the end.

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Comments about this and other Rocket Team books by Mickey Kulp...

"Thank you Mickey. We are delighted to share our vision of MARSHA with your young readers. We're counting on our future explorers to make the dream of living on Mars a reality!" -David Malott, CEO at AI SpaceFactory
"Granddaughter approved! And my 4th grade teacher daughter loved it too! Looking forward to more Rocket Team adventures." -Herb R.
"This book would be great in a classroom for the teacher to read to the students in the classroom." -Angelika F.