Thursday, June 28, 2018

Brave Miracles

Last night, I got some miraculous news from Kristi, Editor-in-Chief at Chantwood Magazine.

You see, I had printed some poems for a spoken word event at a local wine-bar-jazz-joint call Riley's on the Square.

One of the poems was titled 'Brave.'  It was slightly more revealing than I usually write, and I almost left it at home.  Nah, I thought.  I'll bring it along and read it if the crowd seems receptive.

Then the miracle happened.

I was sitting at a red light outside the venue, monsoon rain falling like meteors on my sensible Japanese SUV, checking my e-mail.  I scrolled past the usual garbage and landed on a response from Chantwood Magazine.  Kristi wanted to publish TWO of my poems in July.  One of them was 'Brave.'

Thunder crashed like a miracle smacking me in the forehead from a God who knows how dense I am.

You better believe I read 'Brave' at the event.  The small crowd liked it.  And it stopped raining.

~Mick, S.D.G.

This was scraped off the live feed, sorry for the quality.