Sunday, August 14, 2016

Darkly Brave

For a while in June, I had a bountiful crop of haiku.  I scattered them far and wide, and I got a nod from Haiku Journal yesterday.  One of my pieces is part of issue 45.

The full roster of great poets in Haiku Journal issue 45 is:

Zach Agnew, Amanda Ardieta Gardner, Donny Barilla, Emily Bieniek, Connor Bjotvedt, Elizabeth Carr, Arthur Chandler, Nicholas D’Angelo, David Davies, Val Dube, Joseph Easterly, Woody Evans, Anthony Fisher, Michael Flanagan, Tasha Gehling, Robin Goodfellow, Nancy Grudens-Schuck, Amanda Grzeslo, Evan Guilford-Blake, Elaine Hunter, Bruce Jewett, Carla Jones, Mickey Kulp, Mandy MacDonald, Lesley Mace, Natalia Malesa, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Kent McQuillen, Carol Meeks, Jared Moore, Jody T. Morse, John Mueller, Sarah Parks, Rachel Pond, Suzanna Quintana, Emily Ramirez, Shelly Reed Thieman, Tammie Rice, Emily Rojas, Maricela Rosas, Patricia Rossi, Shirley Smothers, Ian Tash, Elizabeth Weisser, Tyson West, Helen May Williams, and Maisie Williams.

To purchase your copy at the Prolific Press bookstore, click HERE.

The electronic version is HERE.

~ Mick, S.D.G.