Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Same Stuff. Different Day.

Here are some more retired bits of synaptic meanderings I titled "One More Day."

It seemed poem-ish enough and goofy enough to warrant 60 seconds of reading.  Ready, set, go!

~ Mick, S.D.G.

Do they always play the same damned song at 7:00 AM?
I need to buy those tickets.
Will that car pull out in front of me?
We might have enough in the account to fix the gutters.
Can I tell the boss to kiss my ass without living on the street?
Maybe I should get this mole looked at.
I locked the door, right?
Scribbling poetry during the meeting is a kind of “kiss my ass.”
Should I let my kid make this entirely avoidable mistake?
The guy next door needs to cut his grass.
Doesn’t God already know we are thankful for this food?
I wish I could paint the colors of this sunset.
What if her blood test comes back positive?
The moon is gorgeous tonight.  I’ll make notes.
What made that creaking sound?
Amazing how tequila makes me taller.
What will I look like if I make it to 80?
God, I’m weary, but thanks for the opportunity.

Copyright © 2016 by Michael Kulp

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