Friday, May 6, 2016

The Great Outdoors

I have always been a passionate outdoorsman, and I have been blessed to turn some of my experiences into nice non-fiction articles for both print and web publications.

The Backwoodsman

In 2014, I started a relationship with a venerable publication called The Backwoodsman.  They published a short how-to article with photos on page 62 of their Nov-Dec 2014 edition, and I was thrilled!

Later in 2016, Mr. Richie, the senior editor, was generous enough to publish a much larger article on my experiences building a DIY teepee.  He even referenced my article, The Teepee Experiment, on the cover.  I am still ecstatic over that bit of validation.  For more, see the Jan-Feb 2016 edition on page 56.

Living History

It's not a great leap to move from the primitive skills arena into the living history community.  Here, my love of the outdoors got slathered with a generous helping of history, and, like mixing peanut butter and chocolate, the concoction was delicious.

In July 2015, I was welcomed into the Fort Yargo Living History Society, and I found a whole new universe of topics to explore.

The local paper, the Barrow County News, published my non-fiction account of that first meeting on August 2, 2015 on page B3.  Then, Travel Thru History picked it up for web publication in January 2016.  The full article is here.


I'm not always the brightest bulb, and it took a while to consider that many of my outdoor antics might be interesting to travel magazines.  So, in November 2015, the web publication We Said Go Travel published a remembrance of a long-ago hike on the Appalachian Trail titled "Legendary Gratitude."

International Superstar!

One of my greatest writing accomplishments so far has been in working with the fine folks at Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine.  This is a UK publication, and I was honored to appear on page 78 of their special 10th anniversary edition in January 2016.

See more outdoorsy goodness at

So, while this has been a shameless ME fest, I hope it gives you some insight into the kinds of topics I enjoy.  And even though this post is all about non-fiction work, I am also prolific, though less visible, when it comes to poetry and short fiction.  But, more about that later.

~ Mick, S.D.G.